Hair Growth Vitamin:
For Longer, Healthy Hair

Will A Hair Growth Vitamin Work?

Absolutely! It's all about nutrition.

A hair growth vitamin supplement really can help hair grow longer and healthier. For hair to achieve maximum healthiness and growth rate, the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is essential. Helix-HX has been scientifically formulated to provide optimum nutrition so your hair will grow fast, healthy, and beautiful!

In short, there's no tricky science, or drug involved. It's simple nutritional facts:

  • Your body needs certain nutrients in certain amounts
  • People usually don't closely monitor their diets for the proper amounts of nutrition
  • Helix-HX provides a healthy does of needed nutrients
  • Your hair growth can reach it's maximum potential making you look and feel great!

All the ingredients in Helix-HX work in harmony to ensure your hair has the best possible nutrition. From B vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients, Helix-HX is a powerful blend of nutrition that is unsurpassed in helping the quality of your hair.

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MicroHelioPeptide™ Protein Blend - Why You Need It

Your hair is very close to being made up of nearly 100% keratin protein. Amino acids are "the building blocks" of protein.  It is vital to supply your body with an abundance of amino acids in order to get faster growing hair.

As a result, Helix-HX includes a complete blend of proteins (our trademark MicroHelioPeptides) to make sure your body has enough of what it needs.

As amino acids (protein) become available to the body, it is put where it is best used at any given time. Usually the first place amino acids go is into the function of vital organs (heart, liver, kidneys, etc..) Unfortunately, the hair is not vital to your being alive. The hair is last on the body's hierarchy of needs. When the body is done utilizing amino acids it uses what is left for the hair.

This is why it very important to supply the body with an abundance of amino acids. Helix-HX hair vitamin supplements boost your body's amino acid supply that we know to be vital for rapid hair growth.


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