Longer Hair Tips : Grow Hair Longer With Helix Hair Supplements

Longer Hair Tips

Grow longer hair with vitamins and the proper nutrition

Proper nutrition ( vitamins and minerals) play a key role in growing longer, healthy hair. Any nutritional deficiencies in one's diet can lead to dull, damaged, lifeless looking hair, or worst case scenario: hair loss.  

For example, an under active thyroid gland causes dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair, while an overactive thyroid can render hair oily, flat, and bodiless.

In short, the condition of your hair (your skin and nails as well) is an indicator of the overall healthiness of your body. If you provide proper nutrition, your body will use it to maximum results to grow longer hair!

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In fact, dull, damaged hair and hair loss are sometimes symptoms of nutritional deficiencies and illness.

But, if you keep yourself healthy, you can maximize your hair growth cycle to produce long, healthy hair faster. Make sure your diet includes proper amounts of:

  • Amino acids
  • B-vitamins
  • Vitamin E
  • Minerals (Iron, Zinc, Copper, Silica)

Beta-carotene plays a key role in longer hair growth. The body converts it to vitamin A as needed and it maintains healthy cell development and growth, which includes healthy skin, hair and nails.  

Amino Acids (Proteins) are Essential

Hair is made of protein (keratin to be exact) - so it stands to reason that if your diet doesn't contain enough protein, your hair will suffer greatly. But if you have a protein rich diet, you can maximize your hair's potential.

Experts have recommended everything from calves liver to wheat germ to ensure that you have enough protein available to grow healthy hair. But, with Helix-HX's MicroHelioPeptide protein complex, there's no need for such measures. You'll be getting a complete range of the proteins you need to grow longer hair in your daily dose !


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